For those who haven’t experienced it, this is a detailed description of Dan and Phil’s hugs.

Phil’s hugs are very welcoming and warm. He leaned down and gives a squeeze but you can tell he does it gently, almost afraid to hurt you. His chest and stomach is a bit firm, and in my second hug, his arm brushed my cheek slightly, and as creepy as it sounds, his skin is soft and a bit cold, but I can say when he hugged me I felt safe

Dans hugs are bit more distant. He leans away slightly and just barely wraps his arms around you. You can set your head against his chest though, and it’s a bit hard to feel whether he’s firm or not just from the fact that his hug isn’t that tight. Even though his hug is a bit more far away, it’s really nice because you can still feel how much he cares. My hand brushed his when I handed him my phone. Unlike Phil, his skin is warm.

I really hope all of you will be able to experience this one day. Dan and Phil are sweet and so nice and welcoming and they make you feel like a friend.










would you rather attend the wedding of your otp or get a copy of their sex tape?


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is the sex tape in HD?

Can I be the priest?

there are two kinds of people

is the priest in the wedding or the sex tape?

Three kinds